Electric Conveyor Ovens for Heat Treatment for Steel Springs

Save space, time & money with the efficiency of a JN Machinery Oven

Flow-Through Systems

for heat treating and stress relief of springs made from carbon, stainless steel or chrome silicon.

Watch the FTS in Action

Dipping & Drying Systems

The World’s Leading Manufacturer of Electric Conveyor Ovens for Heat Treating Steel Springs

With over 4400 ovens operating worldwide, JN has the expertise and experience to handle your stress relieving requirements.

JN’s electric conveyor ovens have mostly been used for heat treatment and stress relieving springs, especially for heat treating stainless steel and carbon steel wire. Another use is with JN’s TRC paint system.  However, there are virtually unlimited uses of our conveyor ovens beyond heat treating metal. Our conveyor ovens are also being used for rustproofing, tempering metal, baking, oiling, drying, and sterilization.

JN Ovens Feature

  • Made in the USA
  • Digital speed controller
  • Insulated Belt Return
  • Belt Reversing
  • Digital Temperature Controls
  • Trouble Alarm
  • Low Maintenance
  • Digital Timers (option)

JN Ovens Advantage

  • Large Effective Heating Area
  • Small Total Floor Area
  • Fast Start-Up
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Economically Priced

On-Line Stress Relieving

  • Improved Quality
  • Increased Productivity
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Reduce Variation on Loads & Dimensions
  • Facilitates CQI-9/AMS2750 & Other Data Needs

We’re still here and working hard in the background. Once the current economic situation is stabilized and growing again, expect to see a NEW JN Machinery. We will have new machines, new options, and a greater opportunity for customization. JN is investing in more production machinery as well as expanding our manufacturing footprint

Due to COVID-19, JN Machinery will severely reduce work hours and staff. Through at least the end of 2020, the office hours will be Monday through Thursday (closed Fridays until further notice) from 10:00am to 3:00pm CDT which includes manning phones, shipping and receiving. No customer or supplier visits will be allowed unless cleared with JN in advance. Phone messages are automatically transcribed and sent to alma@jnmachinery.com(accounting, option #1). We encourage contact via E-mail at alma@jnmachinery.com or daniel@jnmachinery.com through December 31, 2020

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JN Machinery Corp.