The FTS 12IN System

Garage door spring makers deal with several unique challenges, mainly due to coating requirements



  • Large paint vats are required to coat springs in order to maintain cool liquid temperatures.
  • Dipping results in springs that are wet, requiring time, and a complex, space consuming drying process.


  • Some paint contains resins that are difficult to manage. Ammonia is often used to manage the noxious bacteria build-up.
  • Production floors must be ventilated.
  • Clean-up is impossible.


  • Opportunity cost of allocating space requirements for painting means that only garage door spring makers make garage door springs today..
  • Painting equipment is large and expensive to maintain.


  • Spring makers must maintain high volume to dominate their regional market.
  • Shipping large, heavy springs contributes high % of cost to distributors.

Watch the FTS System in Action!

The FTS System – using Aqua-TRC polymer conversion

What is FTS™?

  • FTS (flow-through system) is an efficient manufacturing process that utilizes the heat of the tempering/stress relieving operation to apply a polymer conversion coating (Aqua-TRC), which provides corrosion protection and clean, a colored garage door spring.
  • The entire parts tempering and painting process can be done in-house – in a small space –  together with standard coiling/forming and stress relief processes.
  • The coating process is simple – formed springs (350°F/177°C or hotter) are sprayed with the Aqua-TRC polymer solution. Dry-to-the-touch springs are delivered in less than 30 seconds after stress-relief.

Benefits of FTS™?

  • No splash, no dribbles, no waste -100% of unused paint is returned to the tank leaving a clean paint area!
  • Dries Instantly:
    – No Drying Conveyor needed. Reduces machinery investment cost, electrical usage and production time.
    – You can immediately stripe the springs. Reduces manual handling.
  • Heat (steam) is released to the air and not absorbed into the paint solution – less time managing the paint solution temperature.
  • Change colors in <10 minutes. (eg. run 2 hours with black, then run 1 hour with a different color.)
  • Short runs are as efficient as long runs – offer more coating options to customers with smaller minimum quantities.
  • Start each day with a fresh paint solution (a new pail) and use the previews day’s remaining solution to top-off if needed.
System length: 131”, 36” wide, Adjustable height. Power requirement: 115V, 5.3A

The Tank

The Tank is responsible for holding the coating material. It rests on casters for mobility, and holds the pump that delivers paint to the painting system (to the Coating Plates). The tank captures run-off paint from the spray painting area through draining tubes.

The Coating Plates

The Coating Plates deliver a Aqua-TRC liquid curtain to coat formed springs (350°F/177°C or hotter). The springs are delivered still-warm (or hot) to the egress Conveyor. The coating will take place as springs move through a painting iris at a user controlled speed. The plates have height adjustability and are available in multiple diameters to support all spring sizes. To insure an even coat, flow rate is adjustable through 4 adjustable valves.

The 2-part Conveyor

The 2-part Conveyor is speed controlled via a potentiometer on a control panel, and has a 12” belt. It consists of an ingress belt that accepts springs from the oven and an egress belt that delivers dry/coated springs to the coning and striping stations. The function of the conveyor is to generate ‘dry-to-the-touch’ parts upon reaching the end of the belt. Retained heat in the spring facilitates a fast curing/conversion process.


Flow-through painting systems (FTS) and Aqua-TRC paint can change the game for the garage door spring industry

Traditional spring coating had been…

  • Outsourced – resulting in high cost and lost productivity
  • Environmentally harmful, requiring solvents and difficult clean-up
  • A messy, smelly, dirty, “coat-in-a-cement-mixer” process
The catalyst is…

  • An all-in-one system integrating stress-relief and painting, eliminating the dipping and drying processes.
  • Odorless, water-soluble solvents created to enable “spray” painting/coating process

FTS Innovation

The Future of spring coating (is now)

  • Reduced time-to-ship for finished springs
  • Insourced process at lower marginal cost
  • Clean, environmentally safe factories without solvents
  • Happier, more productive workers

Manufacturing Cells are a Threat to Traditional Garage Door Spring Makers

Finding the weak spots for traditional garage door spring makers:


  • Cost effective manufacturing with efficient use of space
  • Process standardization
  • Short lead time to establish operational presence


Sales & Delivery

  • Business agility – ability to establish geographical presence where traditional spring makers are weak
  • Eliminate the ~15% cost of shipping from the distributor price
  • Offer a better, local service to garage door suppliers