JN-1060 (aka JN-300)

Revived by popular demand, up to .162” (4mm)


10″ (254 mm) wide, turned-up belt edge. Belt height adjustable at 24.5″ or 27.5″. Bolt-on Jack option. Clam shell design with stainless steel conveyor. Automatic time delay shut down for belt cooling

JN-1060 Technical Data
Footprint 26″ x 85″ (660mm x 2159mm)
Chamber Size (W x L x H) 10.0″ x 60″ x 3.0″( 254mm x 1524mm x 76mm)
Capacity 300 lb/hr @ 500°F 195 lb/hr @ 750°F
Max Temperature 950°F (510°C)
Volts 230*
Amps 22
Watts 9,600

*Can be furnished with other voltage