Tempering, Rustproofing, and Color Coating

Dry-to-the-touch product in less than 3 minutes.

The TRC System and Aqua-TRC Coatings work together to provide industry leading polymer conversion

What is TRC™?

  • TRC is an in-line manufacturing process that utilizes the heat of the tempering/stress relieving operation to apply a polymer conversion coating, providing corrosion protection and color-coding to the part.
  • TRC stands for “Tempering, Rustproofing, and Color Coating”. It is designed to convey hot materials through a coating material and deposit dry-to-the-touch product in less than 3 minutes.
  • The entire parts tempering and painting process can be done in-house together with standard coiling/forming stress relief processes.
  • The coating process is simple – formed parts (350°F/177°C or hotter) drop into a polymer solution. Parts are removed from the Dip Tank by an Incline Conveyor and dropped onto a Drying Conveyor. It is a compact in-line system that requires little to no additional labor.

What is Aqua-TRC™?

  • Aqua-TRC is a water-based polymer coating material specifically designed to overcome dispersion and settling shortcomings found in other water-based paints.
  • It is a concentrated material designed to be diluted with water by 1:1 to a 4:1 ratio prior to use and formulated to coat hot materials.
  • A unique polymer that strongly applies (converts) the coating material to a metal spring, requiring no additional curing process.
  • It is environmentally safe, with no hazardous materials and can be used in open air, without ventilation equipment.
  • Aqua-TRC is available in a variety of colors. It provides excellent protection from humidity and resistance to corrosion. Since the coating is a conversion coat, the surface is smooth with little or no build-up under the end coils.
  • Aqua-TRC is formulated by TRC Coatings and is based on a patented polymer.

The TRC300 System

The Dip Tank  

16.8”w x 32” L x 14.5” H; (34 gal.)

The Dip Tank is responsible for holding the coating material. It rests on casters for mobility, and is designed to accommodate the Incline Conveyor. To function property, the tank is filled to approximately 2” from the top, although light volume work may allow for less coating material in the tank. For light to medium volume usage, it is also possible to fill part of the triangular gap underneath the Incline conveyor with inert material, further reducing the amount of material in the tank.

The Incline Conveyor 

12” belt, 17.3” hopper; 115V, 3.5A

The function of the Incline Conveyor is to extract parts from the coating material as quickly as possible and deliver still-warm (or hot) parts to the Drying Conveyor. The coating will take place almost instantly (within 1 second), as excess time spent in the coating material is detrimental to final results. A blower whisks off droplets of coating material and returns them to the Dip Tank. It runs on standard 115V, single-phase power with three controls: “Power On/Off”, “Blower On/Off”, and a “potentiometer” for belt speed.

 The Drying Conveyor 

12” belt, 40” length, 21” discharge height; 115V, 5.3A

The Drying Conveyor shares a control panel with the Incline Conveyor, and has a wider belt. The function of the Dryer Conveyor is to generate ‘dry-to-the-touch’ parts upon reaching the end of the belt. Dryness is achieved in two ways: first, the blower removes remaining droplets from the part surface. Second, retained heat in the part augments the curing process. Since time is important in the drying process, the belt moves at a prescribed speed. Residual coating material collected at the end coil will disappear once the part is fully cured.